Shoulder Quiz

posted by Jürg


dear imta bloggers
as quiz for the scapular dyskinesis cap there is a clinical picture of a patient with the diagnosis impingement. Try to answer following questions
Which clinical pattern of scapular dyskinesis would fit for this patient?  and which side is impaired ?
try to answer with the help of the table: the scapula rehabilitation algorithmP1010475P1010477

Transfering a manual therapy technique in an daily-life practicable exercise

posted by Michael Bräuer


You found the clinical-pattern, the dysfunction, the key-lesion and you got the right technique, with the correct intensity which improves the patients health-status.

Now, wouldn’t it be good to give him kind of the same technique, but he is able to do at home on his own? Sometimes we, as therapist, have to be realy creative to fulfill this task.

In his book „Becoming a Supple Leopard“ – Kelly Starrett (Phd and physiotheapist) describes many good excercises, which could help us transfering a manual therapy technique in an daily-life practicable exercise.

A good book to flip through an get some inspiring ideas. Experience from work shows some realy good results.